Jasmine Dinari

Junior in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
Hometown: Paris, France and Gurnee, IL
Research Project: Advanced Water Purification Methods: Plasma-Based Treatment Against PFOA
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Mohan Sankaran

Jasmine chose to come to the University of Illinois from France because of the great nuclear program here. Her major, Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering is not a common major; however, it has allowed her to pursue her interests. Before applying to the degree program, she visited the labs here and was fascinated by the endless opportunities for undergraduate research. Since being at UIUC, she has gotten involved with a research project involving plasma, which was the initial reason she was attracted to this major.

She applied for the Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award to have an opportunity to pursue her research project more seriously over the summer, and the rest of the school year. She is currently working on a project aiming to use plasma to degrade the perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) found in water to bring its concentration down to safer levels. She plans to use the research skills she develops during this time to help her during graduate school, where she plans to eventually earn a PhD in Plasma Engineering.

Outside of classes and research, she is also involved in several student organizations. This is her second year serving as Co-President of Women in Nuclear. This summer 2021, they plan to virtually host the Region 3 Conference. She is also involved in the Student Chapter of American Nuclear Society on campus. They are planning to host the Annual Student Conference at UIUC in Spring 2022. To top it off, she will be an Engineering Learning Assistant for ENG 100 next year! A fun fact about herself is that she speaks English, French, Spanish and Mandarin, and is always looking to learn new languages!

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