Maddie Blaauw

Senior, Bioengineering
Hometown: Joliet, IL
Research Project: Spatial Differentiation and 3D Micropatterned Polyacrylamide Hydrogels
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Gregory Underhill

Maddie chose UIUC because of the great engineering program. In the three years she has been here, she has found so many things to love about campus. Being a drive-able distance from her hometown in the Chicago suburbs is also nice. And she couldn’t live without the changing seasons… except when she’s walking to class in the snow…

She applied for the CBL award because she loves the research she is doing in Dr. Underhill’s lab and was looking for a program that would help her get more involved in research. She is super excited to be a CBL scholar; in her own words, “It seems unreal!”

She really enjoys running. Running the campus’s marathon in 2019 is one of her favorite college memories so far. She also loves board games and likes to make time to play a few with friends every week (join the Game Night RSO!!). Does binge-watching sitcoms while eating food from Greet St count as a hobby?

In Fall 2022, she will be attending graduate school to pursue a PhD at the UC-Berkeley-UCSF joint Bioengineering program.

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