Maya Grant

Junior in Mechanical Engineering
Intends to pursue Ph.D in Robotics
James Scholar Honors, Lockheed Martin Scholar, Wentcher Schola, Ron Brown Captain, Grainger Engineering First-Year Experience (GFX) Scholar

Since her junior year of high school, Maya has been involved in research. She chose UIUC to continue her research momentum and explore research opportunities on campus. Maya joined the Soft Robotics Research Group led by Prof. Holly Golecki to develop soft robotics actuators for unmanned aerial vehicles. She has represented their research group in the Stretch Robotic Pitch Competition hosted by Hello Robot, P&G, and TechSAge. Her outstanding work has been recognized in the media across university departments. From her research experience with Soft Robotics Lab and the Stretch competition, she is actively seeking opportunities for minority students to do research in engineering. She was the Tech Team Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers. In this capacity, Maya has helped her peers gain technical skills and discover engineering. Maya shows determination, commitment and brilliance in the field and engagement in multidisciplinary work she hopes to continue in the future.

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