Participant Expectations

Becoming Part of a Research Team

Past experience has shown us that students gain much more from the ISUR program if they choose a research group on their own. For this reason, ISUR administration will not assign undergraduate students to predetermined research groups. For information on how to find faculty members doing research in your area of interest, please check out the College of Engineering Faculty Research Matrices. The Engineering Undergraduate Research website also contains information on how to get involved in research.

ISUR Scholar Responsibilities

Undergraduate students accepted to the program are expected to

  • Commit to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week on your research project (with option to register for course credit via independent study courses with the research professor)
  • Attend all scheduled ENG 199 UGR classes during the fall semester (Wednesdays at noon)
  • Attend all scheduled Undergraduate Research Seminars during the spring semester (Monthly, Wednesday at noon)
  • Meet on a weekly basis with your research mentor in a formal setting
  • Write an abstract and create a poster of your research project for the Research Poster Expo
  • Attend the Research Poster Expo that will be held at the end of the program
  • Share their research in other on-campus and off-campus undergraduate research conferences
  • Complete the end-of-semester evaluations

ISUR Mentor Responsibilities

Graduate students or postdoctoral researchers participating in the program are expected to

  • Supervise, instruct, and mentor your assigned Undergraduate Scholar(s) while they are in the lab
  • Attend scheduled graduate mentor professional development seminars to gain knowledge on how to develop supervisory and mentoring skills
  • Attend selected undergraduate seminars to lend support, experience, and knowledge to the topics that they will be discussing
  • Meet on a weekly basis with the undergrad in a formal setting
  • Provide feedback to the undergraduate scholar(s) you are mentoring re: their research project abstract and poster that they will be presenting at the Research Poster Expo
  • Attend the Research Poster Expo that will be held at the end of the program
  • Calculate standard letter grades for the undergraduate scholar if they are choosing to receive credit for their research.  (Depending on your research group’s dynamics, this may be done by your advisor/the undergraduate’s faculty sponsor.)
  • Complete end-of-semester evaluations