Victoria Kindratenko

Senior in Bioengineering with a Minor in Electrical Engineering
Intends to pursue Ph.D
in Bioengineering
Chancellor’s Scholar, Dean’s List, James Scholar Honors

Victoria is a remarkable lady who demonstrates academic excellence and dedication to her research. With cell and tissue engineering as her concentration and a minor in electrical engineering, Victoria has focused her research on point-of-care diagnostics. Her current project entails developing a microfluidic biochip platform that can identify breast cancer from patient tissue samples. Her work at the Mayo Clinic focused on using multi-layer microfluidic devices to develop a drug-testing platform. She has co-authored published articles in ACS Nano and in Lab on a Chip. At this early stage of her research career, Victoria is already contributing to novel approaches and revolutionary work in her field.

In addition to her academic load and her research, Victoria has been active in the Engineering Open House (EOH), a campus-wide two-day science fair that draws over 40,000 visitors each year. She served as the EOH project lead for the biomimetic robotic hand and is currently the EOH Central Committee Director. Victoria also worked as an intake/operations volunteer at Avicenna and a health screener at the Illini Medical Screening Society.

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