Ananya Yammanuru

Senior in Computer Science
Hometown: Saint Charles, IL
Research Project: Annotated Workspace Skeleton-Guided Motion Planning in Dynamically Changing Environments
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Nancy Amato

When Ananya came to visit UIUC as a high school senior, she was really blown away by how much one of the students loved the campus and her experience with Illinois Engineering. She picked Illinois because of the passion that her peers have for their community and what they study.

She applied to the program because Clare Boothe Luce was (and still is!) an inspiration to many young women, including herself. She knew that this was an opportunity to meet and get to know other students outside of her department who are also interested in research.

In her free time, she enjoys eating ice cream, watching movies, and riding her bicycle. On campus, she often spends her weekends as a volunteer at various events hosted by students or other departments, or exploring buildings with a friend.

She is interested in robotics to improve humans’ quality of life. As a result, after graduation, starting Fall 2022, she will be pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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