Drshika Asher

Junior in Computer Science
Intends to pursue Ph.D. in Computer Science
Bank of America Grace Hopper Scholarship Recipient, Schlader Memorial Scholarship in Engineering, JPMorgan Chase WCS Scholar, Cargill Global Scholar, Uber Career Prep Fellow, Facebook ABCS Fellow

Drshika’s personal experiences have led her to learn more about moderation research in computer science. She began doing research in her first year at UIUC and learned several techniques in artificial intelligence to conduct research in this area. Her second year of doing research was funded by the CS department via the CS STARS program. Since then, she has continued expanding her skills in AI research and presented her work at national conferences. Drshika has also interned at Microsoft Research where she built accessible interactions for multiple devices and AR Avatars. Aside from research, Drshika is a head Course Assistant for Data Structures. She was formerly involved with leadership positions in Reflections | Projections and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Drshika brings new perspectives to the program and progressing the field of computer science. She is a standout for her active commitment to making virtual worlds a safer, accessible space for everyone.

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