Jasmine Dinari

Senior in Nuclear, Plasma, Radiological Engineering
Intends to an MS or PhD in Nuclear Engineering

James Scholar Honors, Dean’s List

Jasmine has an impressive academic record, is a conscientious and hardworking individual who always seeks to gain knowledge and to contribute to the betterment of future generations. Her love for learning through research is driven by her desire to help save the environment. She is currently working with Prof. Mohan Sankaran on a project focused on water treatment using atmospheric-pressure plasma. Her research has potential to develop water treatment technologies that can be adapted to developing countries. Jasmine is passionate about sharing what she learns and has expressed that she could see herself teaching at a university. One of her future goals as a faculty member is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to do research, just as she had at UIUC. Jasmine also actively participates in various student organizations such as the Illini Rowing Women’s Team Coxswain, American Nuclear Society, and Women in Nuclear.

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